A Biography of Dr. Michael P. Lange, O.D. C.N.S.

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Dr. Michael Lange, Ocala optometrist

Dr Michael Lange and the Lange Eye Institute in The Villages A native of New Orleans Louisiana, Dr. Michael Lange, Ocala optometrist, received undergraduate degrees in both psychology and physiological optics. After graduation from Pennsylvania College of Optometry in 1992, Dr. Michael Lange practiced in his home town of New Orleans for about six months. In Dr. Lange's last year of school he did a demographic study which revealed the area of Ocala, Florida had the fastest growing geriatric population at the time. Prior to graduating, Dr. Michael Lange had already determined he wanted to practice in an area that had a heavy geriatric population. An elderly retired population would have more eye disease and ocular pathology that would be perfect for Dr. Michael Lange. Ocala, Florida, would be his destination. Dr. Lange moved to Ocala with a car and $2000 to his name on March 15, 1993. Soon Lange Eye Care and Associates Ocala was born.

Lange Eye Care in Ocala

Dr. Michael Lange, Ocala optometrist began to brand his name and Lange Eye Care on the radio, television, paper, billboards, magazines, mailers and the Internet. Dr. Michael P. Lange quickly became the Ocala eye doctor everyone wanted to see. Word of mouth spread throughout the community of Dr. Lange's great office demeanor and excellent clinical skills. A local radio station asked Dr. Michael Lange the Ocala optometrist to host a radio show on eye care in May of 1993. Michael P. Lange, the Ocala eye doctor, now had a chance to share his knowledge with a much larger audience on a show called "Ask the Doctor". The show was a huge success. Dr. Michael Lange and Lange Eye Care and Associates of Ocala Florida began to grow at exponential rates. His live call-in talk show "Ask the Doctor" became quite popular and by the end of 1993 he was broadcasting from multiple radio stations within a 100 mile radius of Ocala, Florida. Patients were driving from all over to see Michael P. Lange, the optometrist with Lange Eye Care in Ocala and popular radio talk show host.

Lange Eye Care in Gainesville

In 1994 Dr. Lange decided to expand and open an office in Gainesville Florida to improve convenience for his patients that were driving from Gainesville and much further north. Lange Eye Care Gainesville grew as fast as Lange Eye Care Ocala did the year earlier. Dr. Lange's philosophy of treating every patient as if they were family and going that extra mile with each patient quickly became the standard at Lange Eye Care in Ocala and Gainesville. Dr. Michael Lange, Ocala/Gainesville optometrist could not handle the rapid growth by himself so he started to hire optometrists with a similar practice philosophy to help with the expansion.

Fortifeye Vitamins

Dr. Michael Lange, Ocala eye doctor, had outgrown both Lange Eye Care Ocala and Gainesville locations by 1997 and decided to build two state of the art eye care centers in ideal locations in both cities and relocate. Lange Eye Care and Associates by this time had a tremendous amount of momentum and a huge loyal following of patients that themselves provided the best form of advertising. Dr. Lange worked 18-20 hours a day for 5 years straight to get to this point. Much of Dr. Lange's success is also attributed to his caring and compassionate office demeanor, and that he always discusses and emphasizes the need for proper nutrition and healthy life styles for his patients. This practice philosophy ultimately is the reason Dr. Lange started Fortifeye Vitamins in 2005, which can be seen at www.Fortifeye.com.

Fortifeye Vitamins

Pediatric Eye Care

Dr. Michael P. Lange also set up programs through all Lange Eye Care and Associate locations to help children that were in need of eye care and glasses. Dr. Michael Lange and his associates at Lange Eye Care have given away thousands of free eye exams and glasses over the years. Dr. Lange enjoys being able to give back to the community that has helped him to become so successful.

Lange Eye Care in Summerfield, West Ocala and The Villages

Lange Eye Care and Associates began to expand even further with the addition of Lange Eye Care Summerfield and West Ocala Lange Eye Care in Triple Crown Plaza in 2003 and 2005. The Lange Eye Institute in the Villages was built in 2006 and became the flag ship for the Lange Eye Care brand. The Lange Eye Institute is Dr. Michael Lange's Mississippi plantation style Lange Eye Care Villages location. The Lange Eye Institute is almost 25,000 square feet making it one of the largest eye care centers of its type.

Gaining national attention

Dr. Michael Lange, the Ocala optometrist, gained quite a bit of attention nationally with many cover stories for national and local magazines for his success in the eye care field. Michael P. Lange, the lead optometrist with Lange Eye Care was being asked to speak all over the country on how to succeed in eye care. Dr. Michael Lange and Lange Eye Care continued to add optometrists and ophthalmologists to their team of eye care professionals to handle the large influx of patients coming to the Lange Eye Care and Associates locations. Michael P. Lange, the Ocala optometrist had grown faster than anyone, including himself, thought possible.

Ask The Dr archived radio showsDr. Lange's radio talk show "Ask the Doctor" can now be heard and watched throughout the world over the Internet and from Alabama to the tip of the Florida Keys on local radio stations. Dr. Michael Lange states his talk shows have fueled his success by getting patients to come to Lange Eye Care centers, but great patient care and incredible customer service keeps the patients coming back.

Lange Eye Care centers in Clearwater, Inverness and Williston

Dr. Michael Lange, optometrist opened Inverness Lange Eye Care and Associates in 2007 and Clearwater Lange Eye Care (Drew Street) in 2008. Dr. Michael P. Lange became a Certified Nutrition Specialist also in 2008 through the American College of Nutrition. In 2009 Dr. Lange opened the Lange Eye Care Williston, Florida location and in June of 2010 he opened his ninth location in Clearwater Florida, called Lange Eye Care Optical Gallery and Lasik Center.

Dr. Michael Lange, the Ocala eye doctor, has built one of the fastest growing and largest solely owned eye care centers in Florida if not the country. Patients travel from all over the country to the Lange Eye Care and Associates locations for routine eye care, nutritional counseling or surgical intervention.

Dr. Michael P. Lange, Certified Nutrition Specialist

Dr. Michael Lange travels the globe doing research on nutrition for improving ocular health and total body health. He shares his nutritional passion with doctors and the public all over the world through his daily talk shows, lectures, interviews, conferences, articles, the Internet and with the patient one on one in the examination room. Dr. Michael Lange, an optometrist from Ocala is living his dream of being able to help the masses with their vision and over all health. Continuing to search for new ways to help patients that are vision impaired from diseases like macular degeneration, glaucoma and retinitis pigmentosa is another goal of Dr. Michael P. Lange. Ocala, Florida is the corporate headquarters for Lange Eye Care and Associates and Fortifeye Vitamins. Michael P. Lange O.D., C.N.S. always tells patients to keep the faith and never give up hope.

Michael P. Lange O.D. C.N.S. has developed a world class team of eye doctors in almost all aspects of eye care that can be reached for appointments through any Lange Eye Care and Associates location. Visit www.langeeyecare.com or call toll free 1-888-781-2020.

Michael P. Lange, O.D.
Dr. Michael P. Lange
Board Certified
Optometric Physician
and Board Certified
Nutritional Specialist

Lange Eye Care Ocala, Lange Eye Care Gainesville, Lange Eye Care The Villages and Lange Eye Care Optical Gallery And Lasik Center in Clearwater Florida are the four locations that surgical procedures are performed at as well as primary eye care. The other five locations of Lange Eye Care and Associates are for primary eye care, emergency eye care, medical ocular disease management, low vision, pediatrics and geriatric eye care. Michael P. Lange, an optometrist with Lange Eye Care in Ocala states he is having the time of his life and says, "You have to enjoy what you do to be successful." When Dr. Lange is not busy at work he is spending time with his two children and wife in their home in Ocala.

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