Colored Contact Lenses
Eye Doctor Tells All About Colored Contacts

Michael P. Lange O.D. on the new colored contact lenses

Eye Doctor Tells All About Colored Contacts
by Michael P. Lange O.D.

"Currently the Ciba FreshLook Colors and Acuvue Colours are the most prescribed soft disposable colored contact lenses in the world today." —Michael P. Lange O.D.

The contact lens industry has seen an explosion in sales and growth over the last decade. The colored contact lens market is leaping forward and grabbing more and more of the entire contact lens market. The non-prescription colored contact lens market is gaining size every year. Colored contacts are appealing to all ages, from the very young to the very old. Colored contact lenses have been evolving in innovations right along with the contact lens industry. Today there are multiple contact lens companies that offer different colors and designs to the public. Colored contact lenses can be purchased in hundreds of different color combinations and prescriptions. Colored contacts can be daily wear or extended wear, and come in disposable as well as non-disposable lenses. Disposable colored contact lenses can be replaced weekly, bi-monthly, monthly or quarterly depending on the brand your eye care provider fits for you. Colored contact lenses can give a patient a dramatic change or a mild change depending on the patient's desire. If worn the way prescribed by your eye care provider, colored contacts can be a very safe, comfortable and fun alternative to spectacles or refractive surgery.

Lets face it, every now and then we want a little change! People spend billions of dollars every year to change their appearance. They spend this money on cosmetic procedures, new clothes, new hair style and jewelry, why not enjoy changing their eye color with relatively cheap colored contacts? Well, that’s the new trend—to be able to change your eye color as frequently as you like. Contact lens companies are offering patients these opportunities to change their colored eye contacts to a multitude of different colors at a relatively inexpensive price. So if you are looking for colored contacts for dark eyes or light eyes, that is, you have dark eyes and want to be green eyed, or you have blue eyes and you want to have green eyes, then there is a lens color available for you. The contact lens companies and eye doctors are making it easier than ever to try colored contact lenses yourself. Simply go to your local optometrist or ophthalmologist and have a contact lens exam and ask for a variety of different color samples to try. You will be amazed at the comfort, clarity of vision and ease of changing your eye color.

Contact lens companies are not only offering a multitude of different color variations to patients but also are offering a multitude of differently designed crazy colored contacts to patients.

So, if you are ready to change your look and enhance your vision safely, consider one of the many selections of colored contact lenses or toric colored contacts that are available. You can go to and go to the section on colored contacts to see the many different colored lenses that are available and purchase them at a large discount. You must have had a current contact lens exam and valid contact lens prescription in order to purchase contact lenses at a walk-in optical service or on the Internet.

Currently the Ciba FreshLook and Acuvue Colours are the most prescribed soft disposable colored contact lenses in the world today.

Acuvue Colored Contacts

Acuvue colored contacts are called Acuvue Colours and are available in a two-week replacement lens for dark eyes and light eyes. The different colors available in the Acuvue colored contact lenses are shown below.

Acuvue® 2 COLOURS™ (Enhancing Tints)

Acuvue® 2 COLOURS™ (Opaque Colors)
Acuvue 2 Colours (Opaque Colors) selections

Ciba Vision colored contact lenses

Ciba Vision currently has the largest selection of colored contact lenses available. Ciba offers patients a rather large collection of colored contact lenses and colored toric contact lenses to pick from. The FreshLook collection includes FreshLook Colors, FreshLook ColorBlends, FreshLook ColorBlends Torics and FreshLook Dimensions™. Ciba also has Focus colored contact lens choices in the Focus 1-2 Week Softcolors and Focus Monthly Softcolors colored contacts disposable lenses. The different colors of the FreshLook and SoftColors collections are shown.

FreshLook® Dimensions™


In closing, if you have the desire to wear colored contact lenses, go to your local eye care provider and see if you are a good candidate. If so, you should follow your eye doctor's directions and enjoy the visual benefits contact lenses have to offer—and have a little fun changing your eye color at the same time. If you want to save a bundle of money and have your colored contact lenses sent to your door step then check out the special discounts and rebates. Enjoy your new look!

Michael P. Lange O.D.
Lange Eye Care and Associates

Currently the Ciba FreshLook and Acuvue Colours
are the most prescribed soft disposable colored
contact lenses in the world today....
CIBA FreshLook® Color

Acuvue® 2 COLOURS™

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