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Top 5 Questions About The Newest Contact Lens From Acuvue
ACUVUE ADVANCE® with HYDRACLEAR™ compared to FOCUS® Night & Day™
1. How are ACUVUE® ADVANCE Brand Contact Lenses with HYDRACLEAR different from other contact lenses?

ACUVUE® ADVANCE Brand Contact Lenses represent a new category of contact lenses. ACUVUE® ADVANCE Brand has the benefit of HYDRACLEAR, a remarkable ingredient that acts as a wetting agent at the surface and throughout the interior of the contact lens. ACUVUE® ADVANCE Brand has the benefits of increased oxygen permeability from silicone compared to other hydrogels, the fit and handling of ACUVUE® 2 design and the silky, smooth moisture rich softness provided by HYDRACLEAR.

2. IS ACUVUE® ADVANCE Brand an extended wear contact lens?

No. ACUVUE® ADVANCE Brand is a daily wear contact lens and it is designed to address a significant patient need; it is designed specifically to provide long lasting comfort.

3. Why does ACUVUE® ADVANCE Brand not have extended wear approval?

Currently 9 out of 10 patients are daily wear patients so speed to market with a contact lens that will benefit the vast majority of new and current contact lens wearers was the goal.

4. Who should be fitted with the new ACUVUE® ADVANCE Brand Contact Lens?

HYDRACLEAR is the "science" inside this lens... a remarkable moisture rich element that acts as an internal wetting agent at the surface and throughout the interior of the lens resulting in exceptional long lasting comfort for our patients.

Anyone who requires a soft contact lens, especially new wearers. Also, perhaps that spectacle patient who has tried off and on to wear contact lenses. Additionally, any contact lens patient coming into the eye doctor's office complaining about end of day comfort would be a good candidate. The real question you may want to ask is who should not be fitted into this lens.

5. FOCUS® Night & Day provides greater oxygen to the eye than ACUVUE® ADVANCE Brand so why should I request ACUVUE® ADVANCE Brand?

ACUVUE® ADVANCE Brand provides an increased level of oxygen compared to other hydrogel daily wear lenses; twice the Holden Mertz criteria for daily wear. In addition, a recent clinical trial showed ACUVUE® ADVANCE Brand to have superior long lasting comfort when compared to FOCUS® Night & Day.

We have the best prices on the Internet for ACUVUE® ADVANCE™ contact lenses!

Introducing REVOLUTIONARY technology that delivers exceptional long lasting comfort...
ACUVUE® ADVANCE with HYDRACLEAR™ Soft Contact Lenses

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